Or at least we like to hope

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  • Have any of you tried the cellphone app "Couple"? Ive downloaded it this week along with James & it's pretty cute!
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It’s been nearly a year & I still carry that origami heart in my wallet. One day we will close the distance & it will be magical!  


Picture taken from the plane on my way to 29 Palms back in June.

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  • Dear 2014,
  • You have been rather uncooperative thus far, so I'm assuming you didn't get the memo that this was suppose to be the year where my dreams become reality. Here is a friendly reminder that a big comeback is in order to turn things around, please get started on this asap.
  • Sincerely,
  • Me (wishing 2015 would begin already so I can kick your a** to the past)

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When you feel so down & alone…

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